Irena Kuo: Character Animator
Disney Interactive

"We Rise Above" - An AR experience

ARTECHOUSE DC collaborated with Vince Frasier to virtually bring his artwork to the Black Lives Matter Plazas - and anywhere else - through the ARTECHOUSE mobile app. You can find out more info about the experience here.

I am honored to have the opportunity to participate by recreating the animation in Unity - check them out below!

Whoo! This massive structure is both visually stunning and has a lot of pieces to animate! This took me by far the longest and is quite powerful with George Floyd's face, surrounded by all the different elements. You can activate this anywhere, and we did, both in the city and near the shore, which I think is the power of AR, that you can bring a little bit of the art and message to wherever you happen to be. Check out the end for the music associated with the app! (Program: Unity)

This was a fun one - relatively simple animation with some fx to get the trailing pieces. (Program: Unity)

These are what it looks like in Unity when I delivered the assets. Oftentimes, the end result is a surprise for me as well. I can move my camera to look around the whole model in Unity, but being able to walk around the model, while it's animating - well, I do get a kick out of it!

This one didn't make it into the app! This would've gone over someone's head - it looks pretty cool! I couldn't exactly recreate the fx pattern on the face, so I made something similar, but my own.

Cocktail Coaster Image Activated AR: Ky Kiske

I had the wonderful opportunity to animate Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear for Artechouse DC, an innovative interactive art space in Washington DC. They had cocktails to purchase that came with something a little extra! (Programs: Maya, Unity)

The following is a video of what it looked like on my end before I passed it to the engineer. I animated Ky Kiske in Maya and created the fx in Unity. I believe they had their own fx in the final version though.