Irena Kuo: Character Animator

2D & 3D Avatars | Avatar Animation


Avatars on Facebook! Stickers, posts, profile pictures, and stories are a few of the places you can see your custom built avatar in different Meta products. They first came out in 2D and then shortly converted to 3D ~ The following are but a few examples of avatars I have posed in Maya, both 2D & 3D. There are many many more - just open your messenger tab or check out your avatar posts to see more of my work! :D (Program: Maya)

2D & 3D Avatar Stickers and Feed Posts

3D Avatar Character Animation

Much of the Metaverse is still in the future, so for now, some character animation was needed to simulate the avatars. I animated these avatar characters and worked very closely with TA's, video editors, and designers to create this presentation for AR glasses. (Program: Maya)