Irena Kuo: Character Animator

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Bakery Blitz

Bakery Blitz is a gorgeous saga time management cooking game where you play Sugar, a plucky young chef who wants to bring sweets to the world. The following is a screenshot of the fast-paced gameplay where you have to make the sweets the customers demand!

Bakery Blitz Stations

When you create your declicious concoctions, you use the appliances in the kitchen! In the game, these animations have a dynamic progress bar and shows you what your station is doing. (Program: Flash)

chill blaster

Bakery Blitz Characters

These are the characters I animated - they have a waiting idle and an angry idle. Don't let them wait too long!

Bakery Blitz Maps

Each land in Bakery Blitz caters to certain types of sweets! You clear the levels to pass to the next land! They all have slightly animated elements.