Irena Kuo: Character Animator
Disney Interactive
Words of Wonder
Blackwood & Bell
Secret Agent X

Blackwood & Bell was a Victorian era mystery themed hidden object game patterned after Playdom/Disney Interactive's hugely successful Gardens of Time. Available on Facebook and mobile, players complete Hidden Object chapters to collect objects to decorate their garden, an iso space of which the following is an example. I actually quite enjoyed playing this one myself~ I learned much about the landmarks and cultures of the world!

Animated ISO Assets

The game designers gave us quite a bit of leeway with creating these, both in theme and animation. They are a combination of artist painted assets and flash vector art I created. Out of the hundreds of assets I animated, here are some of my favorites. Some I'm quite proud of because of the animation, but many I like because of the sheer weirdness! (Program: Flash)

alley cats ant eater autopsy table corgis
brainmaker black knight black forest upgrade casanova
chital clock shop upgrade snowman cossack
donkey cart hanabi guanaco holi festival
blackjack fishing troll Monet floating lantern
Pirate Cycles Two Dogs gangsters Paddleboat
Mouth of Truth Loch Ness Monet Mummy Upgrade
Springbok Skeleton Dancers Police Dog Oz Witch
Tango Torpedo Bay Mermaid Gangsters
Thai Shadow Puppet Sword Swallower Wild Turkeys Yangtze Dolphins
Volcano Sparring Monks Pelican Mongoose
Mercury Maker Sami Hut Interrogation Icy Marsh Pudu
Zombie Bait Leprachaun Cycles Gypsy Dancer Fluorite Maker
Mining Breaching Whale Poof Fountain
Fairy Cycles Guillotine Fairgrounds Upgrade Markhour
Monarch Butterflies      
Leprechaun House Viking Skiier English Bathers
Mummy Bait Ski Jump Steward
Viking Skiier Tesla House Tesla Bathtub
Venice Assassin Yakuza Jaguar
Gallows Steampunk Band Welsh Sheep
Baba Yaga House Excavation Camel Oasis
Padma Upgrade Pirate Ship